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Johan Museeuw, also known as "Lion of Flanders" is a famous Belgian professional street bicycle racter. Born in on October 13, 1965, he began his professional racing career at age of 23 in 1988, for the next 16 years untill 2004 he dominated the sport of cycling. He retired in spring of 2004. During his 16 year career he raced for the following teams: ADRenting (1988-1989), Lotto (1990-1992), GB-MG (1993-1994), Mapei (1994-2000),Farm Frites (2001-2002) and Quick Step (2003-2004) He won the following major events: World Cycling Champion (1996), UCI Road World Cup (1995, 1996), Tour de France (2 stages), Ronde van Vlaanderen (1993, 1995, 1998), Paris-Roubaix (1996, 2000, 2002), Amstel Gold Race (1994), HEW Cyclassics (2002), Paris-Tours (1993), Züri-Metzgete (1991, 1995) And he also won the Gold medal in 1996 in Lugano at the Elite Men's Road Race.


Name: Johan Museeuw Nationality: Belgian Location: Gistel (Ontario) Birthdate: October 13, 1965 Marital status: married to Veronique. Father and Stefano Gianni

 1. From what event you were sure you would end up in professional cycling?
Actually, I was not sure that I would end up the professional circuit until it was a fact. As an amateur I was sure I had not hit and then also help in the garage of my father. 
During the first year professional cyclist but when I could show classics and earned some good results. Eddy Planckaert and Fons De Wolf regularly played cards then that I had talent. Especially after the Tour de France, I felt that I would make, but then I had never dared to hope that I would achieve such a track record.  

2. Have you during the course of time the "decor" to enjoy? Yes, certainly if the pace is not too high. Especially in the mountains, I can enjoy the incredible scenery. Especially the Swiss mountains are beautiful. In the final there is no time for it, because the concentration must be extremely falls to ... to avoid. 

3. From whom do you fear the most during the game and why I have no fear. After all, a rider who has fear, losing all 10% of his abilities. I prefer that other riders scare me, it is they who lose over 10%, makes me feel stronger. In some games it works, others not.  

4.What is the atmosphere between the riders after a race? For example, you have to contact riders in a bar? The atmosphere between the riders is quite good. Especially before or after a game. With one rider, you have more contact than the other. Café visit there every now and then. Especially during a small round sometimes it happens that with the team mates in a pub chain. Also, it sometimes happens that the riders after dinner hang in the lobby or the hotel bar. Understand me, not wrong. This is usually only for half an hour, because most are still in their bed for 23h. At such a moment is to drink two beers no disgrace.  

5.You have certain rituals before you start a match? Yeah ... but I can not tell. After my active cycling career will see a book called This is Johan Museeuw . There I explained what to do this is ritual. It is a beautiful ritual where a number of anecdotes are applicable.  

6. Are the "big" riders willing to chat about saving times a game or isolate them away? Around Riders or classic riders, large or small, in the cycling environment, everyone is equal. The outside world is that sometimes a different view.Just look at Lance Armstrong. He is also just an ordinary person who occasionally pulls a joke or eight meals.  

7. What do you do during periods when not to train? To be brief: absolutely nothing. I come on the bike! This winter I have a long rest period of a month. Normally I take two weeks leave, but on the advice of someone I have this year been a little longer on the side. This is because last year was extremely hard because of my rehabilitation.  

8. What is your biggest win? Difficult question, I must say.I'm actually a couple. World has always been a big dream, and especially because I thought I would never be. Also my first win in the Tour of Flanders was beautiful. Beware, the other two were also fantastic especially because he ... I just got it. But the first time to win the Tour still has a special feeling. Also my second Paris-Roubaix was fantastic. The reason probably I do not have to explain.But I still get to choose the World Cup still a preference.  

9. Imagine: all the riders in the peloton you agree to a contest to win. Which game would that be? Words which match you would like to credited on your record? Let me first say that today no gifts be given. Cycling is a big business now too. I must admit that there used to be an appointment was made, but those days are over. If they do agree then I would choose Milan - San Remo because my wife would love to have. 

10. Are there any riders that you deserve more respect? Definitely, but it's hard to name names. Look, the media actually plays a major role.You get in the beginning of your career with an appearance that you will remain until you stop. I always get stuck on the label that I am quiet and introverted man, but it is not. But such things do you in every sport. The media making a rider to a popular piece. 

11.What will you miss most of the cycling when you stopped? Especially the games and winning. The hurt of other riders. By hurt I mean he is physically. I will still experience, albeit in a different way that I just am. 

12. What is the funniest thing you've ever experienced during a race? actually happen about 4 or 5 funny things per season. Wilfried Peeters was particularly good at. So every time a character he imitates. I remember that during a race a 80-year-old cyclist mimicked. Then he drives forward and he shows his improvisation. Especially the riders who do not know what to do is look Wilfried quite surprised! 

13. You learn things still? Still. I've always said that it is never too young to learn. I try as much as possible to listen to other people. When someone recommend a particular training method, I'll try that and see what effect it has on me. Is it better? Worse? Also in terms of food, I listen to different people and adjust my diet as needed. I am now 15 years pro and I still learn from. 

What do you think when you hear these words: 

1. Beer : Sometimes I drink a beer in the winter with friends. I can sometimes by extreme drinking, especially during team parties. 

2. Internet : Before the Web existed, it was for me totally unknown. The last years, interest has increased. Therefore that this year I my full cooperation to the site grant. 

3. Music : For me a perfect kind of relax.Usually I listen to music in the hotel room. Especially soothing music though a dash there is loud music in between. This depends mainly on the performance off. 

4. Sponsor : The sponsor is the boss. That's why I always do my best to satisfy the sponsor. The sponsor spends many millions each year and makes a 80 number of people employed. 

5. Tour de France   and also a lot of good times difficult. The moments are my wins on the Champs-Elysées and Mont Saint Michel, the two team time trials, 15 days 85 days yellow jersey and green jersey is fantastic. My lesser moments are mainly the years I've sought to get more victories but never succeeded. Sometimes this is frustrating. 

6. Teammate   A teammate is sacred. I've always admired a lot of people are totally wegcijferden the leader. 

7. Doping   In recent years a lot has been said and written about. Hopefully all these problems behind us now and we can start with a clean slate. Look, you can actually compare drugs with tax evasion. The possibility that people will seize drugs forever. 

8. Press   The press do you need and the press needs us. Sometimes the criticism of the press which is difficult to accept, but if they go, I can understand. If lies come in handy, it is different ... 

9. Talent   used to say I always thought I had no talent. Now I deny this, however. Without talent, I had never seen such a record can get together and I could never have come back from such rehabilitation,. 

10. Supporter   I have never had a fan club. I know fans who have for years and always on the present rates. Problem is that some great riders as close to the outside world, but as a supporter holding a sign against me I will never refuse. I chatted I turn, the extent possible, not print.